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If learning is a desire, teaching should be delivered in an engaging manner. Our school is committed to help students excel and achieve their goals.


Focus is laid on the needs of the student and the student’s understanding of the usage of English language as opposed to learning ‘rules’.


We offer our students a special reliable education system. Courses are offered on full-time and part-time basis during weekdays, evening and weekends.

Unique Education Experience

In Queenswood High School we don’t do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning.


ESL Courses

For ESL courses, students must achieve the Ministry of Education learning expectations of a course and complete 110 hours of planned learning activities, both online and offline, in order to earn a course credit. Students must keep a learning log throughout their course which outlines the activities they have completed and their total learning hours. This log must be submitted before the final exam can be written.

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Who We Are

Queenswood High School operates as a private high school & elementary school in Brampton and has been helping students achieve their academic goals since 2006. Since 2006 Queenswood High School has operated a Ministry inspected, licensed and approved high school focus on helping students obtain the Ontario High School credits they need for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Our founders’ vision was to provide an alternate school to students at an economical cost. Working with small groups of students, we have been successful in enabling them to meet the high expectations of admissions into the best universities and colleges.

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